Saturday, November 23, 2013

Install WordPress on Your Computer Using WampServer
What is WampServer? WampServer is an easy to use web server package that allows you to configure Apache, MySQL and PHP in your local machine to match that of your live web server. It’s free to download, and since WampServer installs quickly and easily, it’s very user-friendly even for those who are not familiar with server administration and server management.
Why would you want to set up a web server on your computer? Best practices dictate that you should never do on-the-fly updates on a website that is in production (i.e. websites that are already up online and are being used by your site visitors) without first testing it either offline or on another remote web server.

Install WordPress on Your Computer Using WampServer

60 Beautiful High Resolution Paper Backgrounds

60 high resolution textures and backgrounds

The following images are a small preview of the complete texture.
Click on each image to go to the texture download page.

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Metal, Gold, Copper Photoshop Text Effects

Quick Tip: Create a Steel Text Effect in Photoshop

Here you get some quick tips for creating raw and cool steel typography.

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